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Today, April 16, 2019 Loc8 launches it’s website

Problem Worth Solving

A SAR study shows humans are only capable of spotting a target 30% of the time when reviewing digital images. Loc8’s image scanning process will dramatically increase your success rate in finding your target!

Our Solution

Loc8 systematically scans digital images based on user-defined color palettes to find lost persons or objects. Once Loc8 identifies potential targets, the user confirms the target and Loc8 generates a map and an aerial view of the target’s location.

Today, we introduce 

Loc8 was founded by a team of problem solvers with a passion for drones and developing a process to increase the success rate of locating missing persons and objects.  Our process will helps save lives, time and money.

  • Learn how a failed drone pilot mission lead to a drastic change in search and rescue workflow.
  • Discover how Loc8 scans images by color palette to find lost or missing persons or subjects.
  • Help improve the application and submit your ideas.

The way that we search for missing persons, lost hikers and most importantly our loved ones, will forever change.