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Loc8 Image Scanning Software

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Loc8 Software License Pricing Plans

Loc8 Basic, Loc8 Pro & Loc8 Plugins
(1) License Per Computer Installation

Compatible with both Windows & Mac operating systems. All active users get access to our knowledge center, user support & software updates. License plans are recurring payments (auto-billing) and will need to be canceled from your customer account dashboard if you wish to end your license.

*Subscription changes made during a current plan will be prorated/credited to your account.

1. Select License Plan

Select a Monthly Plan (billed each month of usage) or Annual Plan of either Loc8 Basic or Loc8 Pro. Our Pro Addon Plugins can also be purchased alongside your license subscription.

2. Register Your Account

Create an account with Loc8 to register your billing and contact details. You can then login to your account to view payment history, change or renew your license, and update payment info.

3. Install Loc8 Software

Once your account has been created, you’ll be redirected to download the Loc8 Software and any purchased Plugins. You’ll also receive a Welcome Email with links to download as well.

Go to to register and download a trial of the latest version of Loc8 Pro MDAS. Contact for current pricing plans.

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Loc8 Overview & Features

Loc8 Basic is a powerful software solution designed to analyze digital imagery collected from drones, manned aircraft, and even terrestrial cameras. Loc8 (Basic and Pro Versions) uses its patent-pending algorithms to analyze JPG images, at the individual pixel level to detect specific colors based upon user-defined targets.

The Loc8 user has several options to define their desired color palettes, including sampling of existing images, creating user-defined manual color definitions, or by using the application’s automated color classification functions (only available in Loc8 Pro). Once defined, the color palettes can be saved and recalled for later use during future missions. Additionally, the saved color palette files can be cataloged and shared with other Loc8 users.

With embedded geo-referencing becoming commonplace in aerial imagery, Loc8 generates map overlays to display the geographical location(s) (latitude, longitude and altitude) of the detected color target(s).

Depending upon a computer’s specifications, Loc8 can scan and process images at the rate of two images per second. Loc8 is currently designed to run on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Loc8 was designed for field operations and does not require an Internet connection to function.

The Loc8 “Viewer” allows for quick verification of identified targets by easily zooming into each identified target with a single key stroke. Once viewed, the user/analyst can easily “Flag” each image as a potential target or “Archive” each image for evidence collection for detailed documentation of the mission.

*Loc8 Basic Features

  • Powerful image analysis software that uses patent-pending color detection algorithms to rapidly scan digital images looking for user-defined colors.
  • User definable color palettes can be saved, reused and shared with other Loc8 analysts.
  • Loc8’s geo-location tools display the latitude, longitude and altitude of each scanned image.
  • Loc8’s geo-location is reported in both Standard Degrees-Minutes-Seconds and US National Grid (USNG) coordinate systems.
  • When connected to the Internet, Loc8 can integrate the images locations with Google Maps.
  • The user can Flag or Archive images for cataloging, storage and sharing with Incident Command (IC) and/or ground forces.
  • Built-in tools, such as, “Pixel Color Clustering” to help minimize false positives.

*Loc8 Pro Features

Loc8 Pro offers additional processing features, plug-in tools and out-put reports to make image processing, detection analysis and data distribution, more efficient, easier, and faster.

Loc8 Pro offers all the functionality of Loc8 Basic along with the following additional features:

  • Cluster Alarm – Indicates when too many targets are identified in an image (False Positives).
  • Automated Search – Users can set the color palette to a very narrow range and set Loc8 to expand the parameters incrementally based on the user defined limits.
  • Color Sweep – Lock one of the three (Red-Green-Blue) color values to a single value and allow Loc8 to programmatically either add or subtract color values of the other two colors incrementally, either up or down.

*Loc8 Pro Plugins

Loc8 Pro plugins expands Loc8‘s core functionality. With Loc8 Basic, all plugins must be operated independently. With Loc8 Pro, the plugins are integrated into the core application.

  1. GPS Extraction – If available, Loc8 Pro can extract all GPS information and produce a KML, KMZ, CSV, GPX or a GeoJSON file for use in 3rd-party mapping applications, like Google Earth.
  2. VideoSlicer – This utility extracts still images from video files for Loc8 Pro to scan and process. The user defines the desired time interval, in milliseconds, to extract the still frames from video files. Additionally, when available, the VideoSlicer assigns the geographical location(s) (latitude and longitude) for each still image.
  3. Focus – The user can select which images in a specific search area to scan and process by drawing a “lasso” around the desired target area(s). Only those images within the “lasso” will be scanned and processed by Loc8 Pro.
  4. RapidScan – To increase efficiency and reduce processing time, the user can programmatically select every 3rd or 4th image in a file to be processed. The selection of which images to scan is based upon the amount of overlap captured in each image during the data collection process. RapidScan reduces the number of images to be scanned without compromising the percentage of the search area covered.
  5. Conversion – Loc8 Pro can take an input file in CSV, KML, KMZ, GPZ, GeoJSON format and convert it to other 3rd-party geo-referenced file formats.
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