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About Loc8

Patent Pending Image Scanning Software Developed to Help Search for People and Objects. Once Lost, Now Found.

About Loc8

Image scanning software to search for people and objects on the ground. Our process helps save lives, time and money. Once Lost, Now Found.

Problem Worth Solving

A SAR study shows humans are only capable of spotting a target 30% of the time when reviewing digital images. Loc8’s image scanning process will dramatically increase your success rate in finding your target!

Our Solution

Loc8 systematically scans digital images based on user-defined color palettes to find lost persons or objects. Once Loc8 identifies potential targets, the user confirms the target and Loc8 generates a map and an aerial view of the target’s location.

Meet Our Team

Experienced & Dedicated Professionals

PJ Kirkpatrick


18+ years leading national wireless telecommunication engineering teams, Founder of Nomad Aerial Solutions, FAASTeam Representative, and Drone U Elite pilot and  instructor.

Peter Menet


Military aviator, UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter pilot, qualified RQ-11 Raven UAS operator. and was a partner in a web development business.

Anthony Lockly


Real Estate Appraisal, Eminent Domain Analysis, Property Tax Assessment, CRE Investment Advisor, GIS, UAS


Gene Robinson

Search & Rescue

Subject Matter Expert

15 years experience using drones for Search and Rescue, “Grandfather of SAR using drones” and  authored “First to Deploy” the treatise of Search and Rescue Operations.