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Image Scanning Software

Developed to search for people and objects quickly and effectively.

Once Lost. Now Found.


SAR Volunteers, Emergency Responders, Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

Loc8 is a comprehensive solution that empowers search and rescue volunteers, emergency responders, and government agencies to quickly scan images from drone footage to locate missing people or objects by using advanced image scanning technology that isolates specific pixel clusters.

Compatible With All Drones & Cameras

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Save Endangered Lives & Recover Critical Items

Advanced Color Detection

Input specific color ranges to quickly locate difficult to see objects or pixels on scanned images processed by Loc8.

Accurate GPS Coordinates

Get detailed and accurate GPS coordinates of flagged objects to execute a quick recovery or rescue.

Detailed Quality Reports

Generate detailed quality and output match reports of scanned images to quickly identify flagged images.

Get Results In Seconds

Fast Image Processing

Independent of the source of digital imagery: drone-mounted or hand-held smartphone or DSLR cameras. Works on Windows & Mac operating systems without the need of internet access.

See System Requirements
  • Operating System: Latest version of Windows (64-bit) or mac OS
  • CPU: Any Multi-core processor with 64-bit support (Quad-core recommended)
  • GPU: Any GPU that is compatible with OpenGL 2.1
  • Memory:  4 GB RAM
  • Internet Connection: Required for license management and updates. Must be connected to the internet at least one time per month
  • Hard Drive Space: 8 GB HDD Free Space (Dependent on number of images and resolution.  * See chart below
Import Mission Images

Import images from your device to Loc8 and save mission results to your computer for storage & easy access.

Scan Multiple Objects

Add and create multiple spectrum databases to scan for several objects or pixel clusters simultaneously.

Search & Rescue

Empowering Volunteers & Emergency Responders

A SAR study shows humans are only capable of spotting a target 30% of the time when reviewing digital images. Loc8’s image scanning process will dramatically increase the success rate in finding your target. Saving lives, time, and resources!

The Perfect Tool For:
  • Public Safety & Emergency 1st Responders
  • Utility Infrastructure Inspections
  • Civil Air Patrol (Search & Rescue)
  • Industrial & Environmental Applications

Expert Testimonials

Reviews from industry experts and what they’ve said about the Loc8 software and its application for search and rescue missions.

“To be able to set parameters of colors, cluster size, and ranges then scan through hundreds of images and identify targets in minutes is GOING TO BE A GAME CHANGER!  Being able to scan to the pixel level suddenly brings “trace element searching” to reality which, heretofore, has only been used to identify large items.  If you are flying drones for Public Safety or even private search organizations this software is a very serious consideration.”

Gene Robinson
Gene Robinson
Drone SAR Subject Matter Expert

“You have put the final piece of the SAR Drone puzzle together and it works great! We have struggled with some other image programs but yours made it easy.”

Michael Hadsell
Michael Hadsell
President of Peace River K9 SAR Assoc.

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